What is Company News?

Company News is an application Administrators can use to post any news for the company such as promotions, retirements, or marriages and babies being born!  You can set it so the items advertise to the What’s New widget on the home page or you can setup an application feed exclusively for the News on the home page. 

You can add separate folders and apply security to those folders so different users can have different rights to the content.  Folders are a means of organizing your content. To add content, you need to first create a folder within the application. Security, permissions, and workflow are all done at the folder level.

You can assign an Application owner to delegate responsibility to a different individual.  App Owners have full rights to view, add, edit and delete any content within the application.  App Owners also have access to the "Assets" tab within this administration site, where they have management rights over their application(s) and are able to create categories and assign user and group level permissions.


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