How Can I Change the Layout in Company News?

From within the application, clicking on ‘Toolbox’ and selecting an option under ‘Layout’ will present you with the ability to change how the Company News application appears to users. 

Home Page:


List View:

All content has to have a Title and this is what you will see in the List View Layout.  In this layout screen, you can choose to show other fields along with the title, such as short descriptions of the items published or any tags associated.

You also have the ability to alter how the items are sorted.

Item View:

The Item View layout is what end users will see after they click on an item from the List View Layout.

Typically the Item View displays the details, all of the content published, and all of the fields that were added to Build Form. You can stack and group fields together on one row, or you can choose to have two columns per row.



The Search Results screen is what the end user will see when they search for content within the application.

Usually search results will appear in the same format as the List View Layout. Because of this you will see a Copy List View Layout button, however you can choose to adjust this layout and the fields that are shown in the search results.

As the List View Layout, users can click on the content, taking them to the Item View Layout screen, in order to view the item details.



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