Version 13.0 Patch 6

New/Changed Functionality

Mapping Integration

With the acquisition of deCarta by TomTom (Uber), our integration to support mileage calculation with online expense forms was updated to use the new web services.

Rich HTML Editor

Migration to the Edge browser on newer Windows machines necessitated updating CKEditor, a core component of the software used to support creation and editing of rich HTML


7051 Migration to TomTom from deCarta mapping Javascript APIs
7067 Scheduled task failures preventing content cleanup to occur
7087 Performance issues viewing home or list views with large amounts of permission checking within a request
7111 Incorrect tag deletion within the application when a folder was removed
7088 Chat windows launched from the employee directory card view sometimes did not close correctly
Company Store
7038 Application error would occur when cancelling a cart post checkout
7046 Removed some extra white-space showing on profiles for non-admin users
7056 Items created with no start time started showing as 12:00 am
7071 Email notification templates contained links that did not correctly link back to the item
7042 In application blank search was not correctly paginating results
7057 Trigger operators not consistently shown based on field type across all browsers
7030 Apps and pages listed in stats showed as Disabled when they are not
7052 Fixed indexing issue that caused some content to not show in results
7098 Transparent search pane showed background image through content
7054 Error when registering for training on behalf of someone when impersonating them
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