Missing JAR files

While browsing on your intranet, you may encounter an error similar to the following:

URL: /cfcomponents/core/widget.cfc

Status: 200 [OK]

Please provide the following information to technical support:

Error: cannot load class through its string name, because no definition for the class with the specified name [org.jsoup.Jsoup] could be found

Template: /Installer/sqbox/common/format/FormatUtil.cfc


Error on line: 24 in /Installer/sqbox/common/format/FormatUtil.cfc 
Error on line: 53 in /Installer/sqbox/service/search/index/PageIndexService.cfc 
Error on line: 187 in /Installer/sqbox/service/search/elasticsearch/ElasticSearchService.cfc 
Error on line: 22 in /Installer/sqbox/service/search/SearchHelper.cfc 
Error on line: 1155 in /Installer/cfcomponents/core/widget.cfc 
Error on line: 1139 in /Installer/cfcomponents/core/widget.cfc

Type: railo.commons.lang.ClassException


Reason: This error tells us that the required JAR files to properly run Railo or Lucee are missing from your WEB-INF folder on the web server.


To correct this issue:

  1. Remote into your web server
  2. Open IIS to find the path to your Intranet folder.
  3. Select your site from the left navigation
  4. Click ‘Basic Settings’ from the right nav menu
  5. Look at the Physical Path showing where your WEB-INF folder is located. See the following image below for where you can find this information: 
    • If you have a path showing something like: C:\inetpub\wwwroot, then your WEB-INF folder will be in the wwwroot folder:
    • If you have a path showing something like: C:\ineput\wwwroot\Intranet, then your WEB-INF folder will be in the Intranet folder.
  6. Inside the WEB-INF folder, browse to: WEB-INF\Railo\lib or WEB-INF\Lucee\lib, are there any files here?
  7. If not, click here to download these files and extract them directly into this folder
  8. Restart the Railo/Lucee Server service (click here for an article showing how to restart this service)
  9. Try the same action you did previously to generate this error, did it resolve the issue?


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