What is Document Archiving?

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Within a documents application, you have the choice of archiving content. On the intranet, archived content is kept on the same application where it was published however, it has been moved into an archive view.


Why is Archiving used?

Archiving allows you to keep content ‘fresh’ within an application. For example, if your Marketing team publishes newsletters to a Company News application, you may wish to hide older publications that may no longer be relevant.


What is the difference between deleting and archiving content?

While deleting helps you keep content fresh, there is no way to restore deleted content on the intranet. If an item has been archived however, it is possible to reinstate it. To learn how to reinstate archived content, click here.

Note: As an additional step, you can set up content cleanup to automatically delete archived items after a set amount of time. This option will only cleanup files that have been marked as ‘Archived’.

See the following image on how to turn on content cleanup:


Note: The content cleanup will occur on the selected interval based off the 'publish date' field within your app, not the date that the item was archived.

For example, if you published something January 1st of 2015, and you have that item archive January 30th 2015, with a content cleanup of 1 year, the item will be deleted on January 1st 2016. 

How can users view archived content?

While in your app, navigate to one of your folders and you will see ‘view archives’ among your navigation options. You can see an example of this, below:

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