Open Files Directly from Shared Network Drive

If you have a shared network drive that all users can access, it is possible to store a reference to files using the Link field in a Document application (or any AppBuilder app). When users click on the link, the file is automatically opened locally for viewing or editing. Because the file itself remains on the shared drive (not uploaded to the intranet), any local changes are immediately reflected. 

 Using links to files on a network drive have the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Skips need to download the file, make changes and re-upload
  • Any changes to file on network drive are immediately available


  • Will not work with intranet's file versioning
  • Content of file is not indexed in search
  • Only works in Intranet Explorer by default
  • Each individual accessing the file must have rights to the shared drive 

To add a link to a file on a local file share:

  1. Add a link field to an application using Manage Fields
  2. Enter the link address using this syntax that looks like this:
    file://servername/Shares/SQDocs/My Document.docx
  3. When user clicks link, file will be opened from network drive


Put the link to the shared drive in the description of the application for easy cutting and pasting when adding an item.





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