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Now that we’ve covered what archiving is, how do you implement it within your Documents app?

 Step 1) Add an Archive Date field to your Documents app

  1. Navigate to the Documents App
  2. Click toolbox > App admin
  3. Click ‘Manage Fields’ from the right nav
  4. Drag the ‘Archive Date’ field from the System fields list on the left (if it is not available, then this field is already on your form)

See the following image for what this will look like:

Step 2) Adjust the Archive field settings

Setting a default archive date range determines the date populated within the archive field when archiving is enabled.

See the image below for the settings available:

Show time - show/hide the timestamp for archiving items

default archive date x days in the future - specify the number of days from the date of publishing for a default archive date. The user can change this as they desire.

send archive notification email - specify whether or not you want to notify the content owner that their item will be archived.

Note: The content publisher will have the ability to change the date when they publish their items. This date is merely to give them a starting point for an average life cycle of how long content may be ‘active’ until it moves into an ‘archived’ state.


Step 3) Folder level archival settings

  • Navigate to the Folders|Security link
  • Select a folder
  • Set the Archival options based on what you need for this particular folder as shown below:

Archive date is required – users will not have an option to turn off archiving for items within this folder

Default to archival on – if archive date is not required (first option), the user will see 2 radio buttons which will have ‘archive on’ selected as shown below:


Note: Step 3 will need to be done for each folder within the documents application if you wish to have them all configured in the same way.


Disabling Archiving

Disable Archiving - Item level:

If items within the app have been archived by accident, you can reinstate them at the item level by editing the item and either turn off the archiving (if available), or changing the archive date to a date in the future.


Disable Archiving - App level:

If you wish to reinstate all archived content within a specific application, click here for the Reinstate Archived Content article.

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