Securing Sub-Sites

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Securing Sub-Sites

For many customers, a majority of their sub-sites are more for separating content for better organization however, there are times where you may have some content that needs to be locked down to specific users or groups.

To lock down the sub-site:

1) Navigate to the sub-site

2) Click toolbox

3) Click 'Secure Site'

4) Click the box beside 'Apply View Security' to lock down the sub-site as shown in the image below:

5) Once the site is locked down, you can now specify any users or groups that you wish to grant access to the site.

6) Click on the dropdown arrows beside the Users or Groups to display a list of each to choose from.

You can also start typing the name to quickly find the desired user or group.

Note: To add users or groups, this is done one at a time. If you have multiple users belonging to a security group, it is advised to instead add the group rather than the individual users.


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