Windows Server 2003 no longer supported by Microsoft

We have several customers migrating from Windows 2003 to new intranet servers and our latest release "Super Search", version 13.0. Our upgrade process includes steps on how to migrate to a new server.

Our recommendations are below:

  1. On your current server, click here to follow steps to upgrade your Intranet to version 12.5.
  2. Once you are on the latest version of 12.5 (confirm which patch is the latest through the 12.5 patches article available here), you can now follow the instructions to migrate to a new server on the 13.0 upgrade article.
  3. Click here for the 13.0 upgrade article.
  4. Walk through the "preparing the new server" link on the article above to make sure that you have setup the necessary prerequisites on the new server prior to upgrading.

Note: You will not need to install ColdFusion on the new server as the upgrade installer will include Railo 4 Tomcat.


Common Questions

Why is ColdFusion not needed on the new server?

In version 13.0+, we no longer support ColdFusion with our software. 13.0 uses Railo 4 Tomcat as the CFML engine going forward.


Can I migrate my Intranet to a supported version of Windows Server and upgrade later?

While this is possible, we do not recommend this path as this adds additional work whereas the migration to a new server during the 13.0 upgrade process is much more simplified.

Another reason is that you will need to install ColdFusion on the new server and manually configure the datasource.

If your web server cannot handle upgrading and/or desperately needs replacing (Eg. hard drive failure), click here for the steps to migrate to a new server with ColdFusion.

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