Troubleshooting Employee Photos (Thumbnails)

It is possible to add thumbnail photos to the Active Directory using the Employee Synchronization feature.  The format that Intranet Connections uses is the JPEG format. 

If some of your photos are not being imported correctly, you may need to reimport them.

  1. (Optional) On the web server remove the existing image that hasn't imported correctly. On the server's drive, the folder location is typically at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Intranet\EmployeeDirectory\EmployeePic s (exact folder location varies with your configuration)
  2. Import the image again in a JPG format.  If you are using the Exclaimer Outlook Photos application, choose JPG as the Image Format, as in the picture below:
  3. Resync the Active Directory from the Intranet. Click Admin > Security > AD Login Synchronization to access the settings.  Make sure that Thumbnail Photo has been selected as in the picture below:
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