SessionExpiry error when migrating older versions (9.5 and prior)

When migrating the Intranet from one server to another, you may encounter the error ‘Element SESSIONEXPIRY is undefined in GETADMININFO’ as shown in the image below: 

In previous versions, there was an option for your site to use Access or SQL. Your site checks with your web server's registry to determine which one to use.

To bypass this check:

  1. Click here to download the cfregdn.cfm file
  2. Open with a notepad editor (Eg. Notepad++)
  3. Look for the line containing: <cfset sSQLDSN = "8.5SQLFunctions">
  4. Replace ‘8.5SQLFunctions’ with the same name that you have entered into your ColdFusion admin portal.
    • The default name should be ‘sqlfunctions
  5. Save changes
  6. Navigate on your web server to the following directory: C:\www\inetpub\Intranet\Admin
  7. Rename the current cfregdn.cfm file here to cfregdn.bak
  8. Copy the cfregdn.cfm file you updated in steps 1-5 into the Admin folder
  9. Try launching your site
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