How to change the System Email address

When email notifications are sent from your intranet, these will typically use the ‘from’ email address of whatever is defined as your system email address.

Any action deemed as a ‘system action’ will use the System Email address and it is not possible to change this email for specific apps.

Examples of notifications that use this email address:

  • Support Desk ticket notifications
  • Formbuilder workflow notifications (Exception is the Send Notification stage which can use the submitting user’s email address instead of the system email)
  • Subscription alerts (new content, updates, etc.)
  • Workflow within apps (Documents, Company News, Knowledgebase, etc)

 To configure this email to your desired email address:

  • Navigate to admin > Setup
  • Click ‘Email options’ as shown in this image: 
  • Next, change the system email field to your desired email address: 
  • Once you have changed this email, click ‘save’ to complete this change.

When notifications are received, the importance of the system email address is to help users identify that responding this email address will not go to their intended recipient. Examples of system email addresses are:


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