Moving pages to a new site

There can be a few reasons for why you may want to move pages from one site to another. The following scenarios may describe what you are looking to do:

Scenario 1

In older versions of Intranet Connections, previous customers did not have the option to create widget pages. This resulted in creating a number of ‘department sites’ to have the same widget page layout for each page they needed to create.

In version 12.5 and 13.0, we now have Sites which replaced Department Sites however, this left customers with a number of sites under their Assets tab.

Scenario 2

If you like the look and feel of a page and you would like to move a clone of that page to another site, or reorganize where the pages are stored from one site to another.


Consolidating to one site

To consolidate all of your department sites to one site, we recommend moving the pages to one designated site.

Steps involved:

  1. Create a new site under Admin > Assets (click here to see how to create a new site)
  2. Next, click ‘Assets’ to go back to the top of the assets area
  3. Select one of your many sites
  4. You should see 1 page (or more) as shown in the image below: 
  5. Click on the number of pages as outlined in the above image
    • If you are looking to move the homepage to another site, click here for an article stepping through how to clone and change the homepage 
    • Note: This is necessary to do if the homepage is the only page on the site
  6. Hover over the page you wish to move and you should see the icon shown below: 
    • If you do not see this icon, you may be trying to move the homepage. See step 5 for an article on how to change the homepage
  7. You should see a dropdown box appear that you can click on to choose the site you wish to move the page to as shown in the following image: 
  8. Click on the name of the site you are looking to consolidate your pages to
  9. The page will automatically move to that site to complete this change
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