Hide a folder

This article is a workaround solution for apps that do not have an ‘Archive’ feature available.


Due to a business need, you need to be able to hide items, events, graphics, etc.


Using a ‘Meeting Room Booking’ app (Events Calendar), there will be renovations to one of the rooms and you will need to block users from being able to book meetings for that room until renovations have been completed.



Edit the Calendar for this meeting room > disable Global View as this will hide the calendar. See the images below for reference.


1) Edit Category > click Apply/View beside category security:


2) Uncheck boxes beside all ‘Global’ settings and click ‘save’

3) Select either a user or group to manage this category until it is available (optional) by clicking ‘assign’ by the appropriate option:



Any events that have been booked, (previous or future), will be kept on the calendar. Once the room’s renovations have completed, you can re-enable Global View and allow users access to book meetings to this calendar once more.


Alternative solution for other applications:

For other apps such as Photo Album and Online Forms, you can add a new folder that has global permissions removed and only allow specific people to be able to View, Add, Edit, as necessary. This allows admins the ability to work with published items before pushing the changes live.


If you need to move an item from the hidden folder to a ‘live’ folder, edit the item and choose the option to Change Folder. For an Online Form, this would look similar to the option available in the following image:


For an example like the Photo Album app, you can edit the individual image and select the option to Change Folder that way.

Step 1) Edit image from ‘details’ view:


Step 2) Change folder


Note: Super admins and Administrators will be able to see these folders and update as necessary without requiring to be added to the folder.

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