Locating your SQL Server

To access your IntranetConnections database, you will need to know what SQL Server the database resides on. For some, the SQL Server may reside on the web server that hosts your Intranet site, whereas others may have it on a separate SQL Server entirely. 

Use the following steps to locate the server of where your SQL Server is stored:

  1. Access your Railo/Lucee Web Administrator portal - click here for instructions
  2. Click 'Datasource' from the left nav options
  3. Click the edit icon beside your SQLFunctions datasource: 
  4. Look for the server information as shown in the image below: 

If you see 'localhost' as shown in the image above, this refers to the web server where the Intranet site is hosted. You can access the SQL server by using the IP address of the web server, or by its name.

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