Creating Lucee or Railo Mappings

When trying to connect to your site, you may encounter a blank page. This typically means that your Mappings have not been configured correctly, or need to be configured for the first time.

1 How do you access the intranet?

In order to configure your Mappings, it is important to identify how users access the intranet currently, or how they were previously able to access it.

The following 2 examples demonstrate how the intranet is shown

2 Accessing Railo / Lucee

Follow this link to find out how

3 Configure your Railo Mappings

Under 'Archives & Resources' within the Web Admin what should look similar to the screenshot below 
The Virtual should be '/Intranet' if you want /intranet in your URL.  The Virtual should be set to '/' if you do not want the /intranet in the URLmappings.jpg

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