How do I lock down content within an Application Feed widget?

When publishing content to your app, you may have an application feed widget on your homepage or another page on your intranet. Is it possible to lock down this content so that it only displays to specific people?

In the image above, we have a simple application feed widget which shows items published to a Buy and Sell application. 

While Widgets do not have permissions assigned to them, you can lock down content at the folder level of the app where the content is published. It will only appear in this application feed to the desired individuals.

Example: If you wanted to lock down content within the Household Items folder in the example above, the content would still appear for the users or groups that have access to this folder however, it would be hidden for any additional users.

Steps to access the folder to lock it down:

  1. Click on one of the items in the application feed widget
  2. Click toolbox
  3. Click 'Apply Permissions'

Click here to learn how to set up the security for the folder within the app.

This is what the app feed widget above would look like if the Household Items folder was locked down:


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