Introduction to Policy Assist


If you are on 13.0 currently, please follow this link for instructions to upgrade from 13.0.
If you are on a previous version, please follow this link for instructions to upgrade from version 12.5 or earlier.

Policy Assist (V13.5) introduces new features as well as improvements to existing functionality centralized around policy management.

Enhancements within this release:

  • Policy/Procedure Read and Agree
  • Policy/Procedure Review Dates & Reminders
  • Policy Manager
  • Image Slider Widget for rotating banners on your home page
  • Drag and Drop File Upload for easier uploading of multiple files
  • AD Synchronization Service which can target multiple domain servers and Organizational Units (OUs)


Policy/Procedure Read and Agree

With the enhancements around policy management tools, the first item is Read Confirmation. This feature allows policy owners to review who has read and agreed to understanding a specific policy or procedure. In this new release, Policy owners can actually target specific users or groups of people that will be required to read and agree. The dashboard option allows them to view who has not yet read this policy and allows you to configure up to 3 reminders which can include site alerts, email alerts, or both.

Read Confirm widget

To help employees stay on top of items requiring their approval, you can choose to implement a handy Read Confirm widget showing which policies are currently waiting review.


Policy/Procedure Review Dates & Reminders

Combined with the Read Confirmation piece, you can also set up Review reminders for policy owners which are separated from the content owners. Similar to Read Confirmation, you will have a dashboard screen available showing any outstanding review dates that have passed, as well as any that are upcoming. You can configure up to 3 reminders for the review date approaching which can include site alerts, email alerts, or both.


Policy Manager

Looking for an easy way to access your Policies and tasks? An additional feature has been added within the Employee Directory interface for a quick review of any policies, review dates, or tasks that you would need to be aware of.

For more information, please click here.


Image Slider Widget

Looking to spruce up your widget pages by having a sliding banner show various images which link off to different areas of the intranet? We now have an Image Slider widget available as one of the Simple Widget options.  This widget can be added to any widget page as desired.


Simplified Folder Creation

To simplify the creation of folders for admins on an app, we have added the 'Add Folder' option to the Appbuilder applications. 


Drag and Drop File Upload

Do you like the option of dragging and dropping your files to your intranet without the hassle of uploading files individually, or having to navigate through the file explorer window? We have introduced the option of drag and dropping files directly into your selected folder.


Active Directory Synchronization Interface

With many organizations utilizing Active Directory to manage their user logins, we have made changes to our existing AD Synchronization Service. The changes now allow you to easily target multiple domain servers and OUs. The interface allows you to create multiple connections as separate items. While configuring your connections, you can choose from existing groups or OUs that you wish to target. This will allow you to see a preview of what users and groups will be pulled over as a result of your choices.

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