Changing your Homepage

Changing the Home Page for a Site

Looking to redesign your homepage? Want to make your changes behind the scenes before publishing them? This article can help show you how!

The home page is the default page shown when a user visits a site. The page currently designated as the home page is listed first, and is denoted by the flag icon (see image above).

Creating a clone of the homepage:

If you are looking to work on a redesign for your homepage and wish to do these changes behind the scenes, the best way to do this is to start with a clone and make your changes.

  1. Navigate to admin > Assets
  2. Click ‘Pages’
  3. Click the copy icon as shown below: 
  4. Name the cloned page as desired (choose a name to help you remember that this is a copy of your current homepage)

When you are ready to change your homepage to a new one:

  1. Hover over the page card for the new home page as shown below: 
  2. As per the previous section, my homepage clone is now ready to be used. You may wish to rename this page if you have the word ‘copy’ or ‘clone’ in the title first as the page title is displayed on the page as demonstrated here: 
  3. Click the flag icon that appears in the bottom right as shown in the following image: 
  4. The selected page is now the home page, and becomes the first page in the list. You can see that the Homepage Copy now appears on the left with a flag icon to show it is the new homepage: 

Note: If you are looking to move or delete the current home page, it cannot be moved or deleted until you choose a new home page to replace it.


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