What are the header graphic dimensions?

Many customers look to theme their Intranet so that it matches their branding however, one piece that can be hard to configure is the height and width of the header graphic. While we do not have a recommendation on what size you should select, we can provide how you can get your current height and width settings.

For an example of where the header graphic is located:

To locate the height and width:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Setup
  2. Click Global Site Layout as shown in the image below: 
  3. Look for the Header Height as outlined in the image below: 
  4. To find the width, click Global width from the tabs at the top and look for the fixed width as shown in the following image: 

Note: if you are using ‘expand to browser’, there is no recommended width for the header graphic as this size depends on how large the user expands their browser, their monitor resolution and size. We recommend against using the ‘expand to browser’ as designing can become a challenge without a specified width.

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