What’s New in Version 13.5 Policy Assist


The upcoming release 13.5 Policy Assist includes several new and improved features. The prevailing theme for this release is document management, as well as a number of other improvements and additions.

If you would like to install this, let support know and please see this guide:

Installation Guide

You will find an outline of the new features and changes made to this release, below:

Active Directory (AD) Synchronization Improvements

  • Manage each connection individually between the same Domain, or for multiple domains
  • Flexibility in pulling in only what you are looking for (logins only, employee profiles and logins, or groups)
  • See a preview of what users and/or groups will be coming over
  • See a preview of what employee information will be pulled over from AD
  • Enhanced AD Logging

Lessons for Active Directory Sync Implementation

Learn about how to configure AD Sync within the new release.

Upgrading? Click here to learn about switching to the new AD sync


AppBuilder Improvements

Simplified Folder Creation

Learn about the improvement to creating and viewing folders within Appbuilder applications.

Drag & Drop Multiple File Upload


New Widgets

Image Slider Widget

Read & Confirm Widget


Policy Read & Confirm

What is Read & Confirm?

Learn how to configure Read & Confirm to hold users accountable for agreeing to have read a policy.

Enabling Read & Confirm

Read & Confirm Dashboard

Read & Confirm Reminder Settings

Learn how to set up Read & Confirm alerts for groups of users and/or groups.

Read & Confirm Widget


Review Date

Why use the Review Date field?

Learn what the Review Date field does and how to enable this feature.

Enabling Review Date

Review Date Dashboard

Manage Review Date Reminders

Learn how to configure Review Date reminders for policy owners.


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