Image Slider

In 13.5 Policy Assist, we have built in an automatic slider widget to the available widget options. This allows you to set up images that automatically rotate, as well as help guide your users to specific areas of the software as necessary through links.

To configure the Slider Widget:

  1. Navigate to a widget page (such as your homepage)
  2. Click Toolbox > Edit page
  3. Hover and click one of the following icons to add a new row above or below an existing widget: 
  4. Next, select 'Simple Widgets' > Click 'Image Slider' (outlined below): 
  5. Once selected, you will have the following options available: 
    1. Duration: Specify how many seconds you wish to remain on each image
      • If you set this as 0 seconds, the image will not rotate automatically and the user will be required to click the arrows to switch between the images
    2. Transition speed: Specify how many seconds it should take to switch between each image
    3. Height: Specify the height (in pixels) for how tall you want the image to be
    4. Width: Specify the width (in pixels) for how wide you want the image to be
    5. Link Target: Specify how you would like the links to be treated:
      • Open in a new window
      • Open in full screen
    6. Add a new slide: This allows you to upload an image and specify a link (if desired)
  6. Managing slides: If you want to edit the slides, hover over the slide, then click either the pencil (to edit the slide), the green checkbox (to set as the starting slide) or the red circle (to delete). See below:
  7. Lastly, if you wish to hide the header so that you do not see the header of this widget, you can hide this in the theme options of the widget as shown below:
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