Lessons for Active Directory Sync Implementation (v13.5)

Changes to the Active Directory Synchronization Interface

In version 13.5 Policy Assist, we have rebuilt the Active Directory Synchronization component which now includes a user interface to easily configure multiple domains and multiple targets.

Each Domain can be considered as a ‘connection’ which allows you to specify targets unique to the connection you are making. As an example, if you are connecting to multiple domains, some of your targets will only apply to that specific domain.

Active Directory Sync settings are available by clicking Active Directory Synchronization link under the Security Tab in the Admin area. Note, if the screens you see don't match the lessons below, you are likely still on an older version of AD Sync Service.

Click here to learn how to make the switch to this new version of AD sync.


  1. Defining Connections
    Learn how to create connections to your Active Directory domain, including multiple domains

  2. Managing AD Connections
    Quick overview of functions available on your Connections screen

  3. Overview of Targets
    Learn how to add users to you intranet

  4. Employee Field Mappings 
    Map AD Fields to Employee Directory fields 

  5. Troubleshooting AD
    Synchronization log location and why objects may not be syncing


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