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Once on the Alerts screen, you can see any items that you have received notifications for. Some examples of why you may have alerts on this screen (but not limited to):

  • New item published to a folder you have subscribed to for alerts
  • Items require your approval that you have been set up as an approval manager
  • Items require your review
  • Wall post alerts

As shown in the example above, your items will be listed with the newest alert on top. The mail icon shows that the item has not yet been read. The delete icon beside it will allow you to delete the alert (this will not delete the item).

Actions you can take:

  • Click on the item name to view it; this action will mark the item as ‘read’ in your alerts
  • Delete individual alerts or delete in bulk by clicking ‘more options’ > ‘delete all alerts’
  • Click on the alert types at the top of the page, or the All Alerts dropdown to show only alerts of a specific type: 
  • Manage your subscriptions, or subscriptions of other users and/or groups: 
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