Can't Connect to Search After Upgrade/Migration

If you can't connect to the search service and have verified ElasticSearch is running, check the application log file. 

If you see an error message which contains "IndexMissingException" as shown below, it's likely the the current application name set in Intranet/Admin/cfregdn.cfm is different that it was before, and it's this name which is used as the index name in ElasticSearch.


2016/06/02 08:59:02.10,intranet.sqbox.controllers.Search,ERROR - Unknown Error: Unknown Error
detail: Body: {"error":"IndexMissingException[[intranetconnections] missing]","status":404}

To correct this error, on the web server, in a browser enter address:


In the return results, grab the second value on the second line, which is the index name. The default is "sqbox".

Edit the Intranet/Admin/cfregdn.cfm file and set sApplicationName to match the index name.

After saving changes, restart the application.


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