Policy Read & Confirm (V13.5)

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Within your documents and policies app, you can configure Read & Confirm to hold users accountable for agreeing to have read a policy. In v13.5, you now have a dashboard that shows which policies have Read & Confirm enabled, as well as which users have not yet confirmed.

Enabling Read & Confirm for your Policies App

To enable Read & Confirm, this must first be done at an app level, and then done for each individual policy you wish to apply this to.

  1. First, navigate to the Policy app
  2. Click Toolbox > App Admin
  3. Click ‘Properties’ from the right nav
  4. Click ‘Read & Confirmation’ (If already enabled, it will say ‘enabled’ underneath)
  5. Check the box beside ‘Enable Read & Confirmation’ (if it is not enabled already) and click ‘Save’. Refer to the image below for how to do these steps: 
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