How do I view the Read & Confirm Dashboard?

Policy Read & Confirm (3 of 4)

Now that the the Policy Read & Confirm has been enabled at both the app and item level, you can now view items with Read & Confirm enabled to track the progress. Note that you must be the App Owner or an administrator in order to view the dashboard.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to your Policies application
  2. Click Dashboard: 
  3. Click the ‘Read & Confirm’ tab to show the policies/procedures that have Read & Confirm enabled as shown below:
  4. In this view, you can see which policies have been read based on the percentage of users that have read and confirmed vs. not confirmed. Clicking on the percentage will show you a screen similar to the following:
  5. In the Confirm Date column, it will show users that have confirmed, and who still has yet to confirm.
  6. To edit the Read & Confirm settings for a specific item, return to the dashboard screen for Read & Confirm and click on the Edit icon to view/change the settings as shown here:
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