Employee Field Mappings (13.5)

In the Map Employee Fields screen, you are presented with a number of fields that you can sync from AD to populate the employee’s profile within the Employee Directory.

Note: This options only apply to targets of Object Type =  Employee.

Employee Field – Fields as they are named within the Employee Directory on the Intranet

Active Directory Field – Fields selected from Active Directory

Note: If you see that information is not being updated, such as the photo in the example above, this is a good indication to check in AD to make sure the information exists.

Thumbnail Photo – This particular field requires that all images are ‘jpg’ type. Click here for an article that talks about checking the Employee Photo format. https://support.intranetconnections.com/hc/en-us/articles/218764537


The preview is an optional tool that lets you select a employee and preview the data that is current available in your Active Directory server. Being able to see the actual values in AD associated with the Active Directory Field make it much easier to verify the correct Employee Field mapping.

The preview will display if an employee target has been saved with at least one employee object.

Note that the mappings are saved for all the targets in this connection, and not per individual selected for preview. 

 Pro Tip

Does the Active Directory field drop down not contain the AD field you want to map?

These values are populated from the ADField table in the database. If you need a AD field to be added, you can either ask support for help, or insert the field you need yourself. FieldName must match the Attribute LDAP Name, and Common Name should match Attribute Display Name.

The Active Directory field must be a text value (no dates, etc.)  It will sync up to a field that exists among the Employee Fields.

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