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With the implementation of the Drag & Drop Multiple File Upload front end interface, you can configure the quantity of files you can upload at a time, as well as the file size limitations.

Within the Drag & Drop window, you will see the file size limit (see image below): 

To adjust the file size limit, this is done at the app level within the fields. To change this:

  1. Navigate to your Documents app
  2. Click Toolbox > App Admin
  3. Click ‘Manage Fields’ from the right nav
  4. Hover over the File Upload field and click the pencil icon (see below): 

  5. On the edit view of the File Upload field, you can adjust the file size of the files you will be allowing users to upload to this app: 

  6. You can also choose how many total files can be uploaded using this method (the more files being uploaded will take longer): 

  7. Click ‘Save’ to complete this change



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