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In 13.5 Policy Assist, we have built in a dashboard within the Employee’s profile. This allows the employee to view alerts, read & confirm notices and document review notices.

The Employee Directory has a new screen that list documents that have a review due or a read confirm due and list documents that an employee has read and confirmed.


2 ways to access 'My Dashboard':

Option 1: Admin Links > My Dashboard

From your top admin links of your intranet, clicking ‘My Dashboard’ will take you to your dashboard view of your profile. This dashboard will be specific to your login reflecting your alerts, items that require you to Read & Confirm, and items to review or require updates.


Option 2: Within your profile, click between the Alerts, Read & Confirm, and Document Reviews links.

When accessing your profile, you will see the options for My Dashboard on the right navigation:

Click Alerts, Read & Confirm, or Document Reviews to access the dashboard screens available.

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