How do I view the Review On Dashboard?

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Now that the the Review On option has been enabled at both the app and item level, you can now view items with a Review On date to see when items are coming up for review.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to your Policies application
  2. Click Dashboard: 
  3. In this view, you can see which policies have reached their Review On date, as well as which policies have a Review On date selected.
    • Review On column shows any policies in a red color that have passed their ‘Review On’ date (see Apr 30, 2016 shown below): 
    • Last Reminded on shows when the policy owners were last reminded about the Review On date approaching (One final reminder will send out the date specified in the Review On column).
  1. To edit the Review On settings for a specific item, click on the Edit icon to view/change the settings as shown here: 
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