Viewing Review On Reminder Settings

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To configure additional notifications to go out to your users, this is handled through the Review On Reminder Settings screen. 

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard within your Policies application
  2. Click ‘Review On Reminder Settings’ as shown here: 
  3. In the next screen, you can configure how many reminders you would like to go out to the policy owners defined for that item. Up to 3 reminders can be configured.
  4. In the below example, you can set the following at the app level:
    • Review On Reminders: You can set up to 3 reminders to go out X days before the due date.
    • Time of day: Configure the time of day for the alerts to be sent
    • Notification Type: Configure the type of alerts that you want to be sent 
  5. Save these settings to complete your changes.

Note: These settings are at the App level and cannot be configured individually for different policies on the same app.

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