Overview of Targets

To add users and groups to the Intranet through Active Directory Sync, you will need to specify a target. The target narrows the scope of what you are syncing to make sure you are pulling over the desired users and groups.

Quick look at Object Types

In 13.5, we have broken down the objects synced by type, as defined below:

Employees – Select if you want to create both a login and an employee profile within the intranet

Upgrade note: Previous versions did not allow you to specify a mixture of logins vs. logins and employees. This setting applied to all objects synced.

Logins – Select if you only want to sync over logins but not an employee profile within the Employee Directory

Groups – Select if you only want to bring over the targeted groups

Did you know? You can define as many targets as you wish, you are not limited to only selecting one object type. Each Target created can use a different object type as you desire.


Selecting an Organizational Unit (OU)

After selecting an Object Type, the next step is to select which OU you are looking to target. Depending on how your Active Directory is configured, you may have one OU encompassing all employees, or you may have them spread across multiple OUs.

Each target is limited to one OU. If you have smaller groups of OUs under a parent OU, you can target the parent OU to capture all objects within the OUs below.

In this example, you can see that Users is the parent OU, with the Accounting, Marketing, and IT OUs under it:

Once you have selected your OU, the users and/or groups within the selected OU will appear in the Object Preview window on the right. By reviewing the users in the Object Preview, you can tell if any objects are missing that should be in there.

Group Filter: Depending on the OU you have selected, there may be only certain users that you wish to sync over. In this case, you can choose to further refine the list of users to sync by applying a Group Filter.

Once happy with the selection, click ‘Add Target’ and you will see the saved target listed in Sync Target List.

If you want to import both Employees and Groups from the same OU, add each one as a separate target.

Once added, a target can be deleted, but not edited. If you need to make changes, the target must be deleted and the re-added.

Advanced Settings

The advanced setting options apply to all applicable targets show on this page. 

It is recommended you enable "Sync user manager as supervisor" as it enables org chart navigation and supervisor workflow approval for forms.

Disable users who have been disabled or deleted in AD, provided they are still in the target OU, lets the intranet know a user account is disabled, and these users will no longer be available as a selection for various configuration settings.  


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