Troubleshooting AD

In addition to improvements within the Active Directory Synchronization interface and connection functionality, we have separated the logging details for AD sync related issues.

Synchronization log – The debugging log can show each user as they are synced, or to help determine why a user may not sync.

For example:

  • Missing required fields
  • Shows successful syncs
  • Updates
  • Creations of new users

Depending on what you are looking for, you can have a basic log of information showing successful/unsuccessful connection attempts, or detailed logging showing the information referenced above.

To switch between the different log types, go to Admin > Setup > click Errors & Logging > chose between Debug (detailed logging) or Errors (basic connection logs). See below for how to switch between these two types: 

On the 3rd item in the screenshot above, you can download the log file from this same screen.

You can also download this log from the AD Connections screen found by navigating to Admin > Security > AD Login Synchronization.

Object Preview window – Shows which users or groups will be synced before saving your targets

Field Mappings preview – Shows what employee profile information will be brought over during the sync process. This pulls real-time from Active Directory. This way, you know if any information is missing before the sync occurs.

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