Version 13.0 Patch 7

Patch 7 for Version 13.0 Highlights

  • Added back ability to create Numbered Lists in CKEditor 
  • Fixed mobile site download links for Android
  • Granted Profile Manager permission to add tags in Employee Directory

Increased Search Relevancy of Short Fields

When an item has a lot of content stored in a Webdoc field (or any HTML field), it was lowering the relevancy of matches of terms in shorter text fields (e.g. Document Number). With this patch, large amounts of content in HTML fields no longer reduce the relevancy of matches in terms in shorter text fields, so matches on these text fields will present higher in the list of search results.

6055 Fix spacing between employee autocomplete dropdown list items
7491 When updating Web Location, adjust more links in content.
7497 When updating Web Location, adjust more links in content.
7058 Better CSV import error handling for in documents
7157 Users can add an appbuilder entry with no title
7156 Allow for hyphens and other characters to be accepted as column headers in CSV import
7192 Fixed What's New date for Blog set to publish in the future
7222 Fixed background covering Topic Discussion posts
7305 Fixed Background Image Scaling during Advanced Theme Editor background image preview
7129 Fixed issue with display issue of User Data Approval group containing a ".' character
7245 Fixed link field validation
7283 Prevent double form submission for older IE browsers by disabling the default event
7419 Fixed issue wth checkboxes where if required and hidden with trigger, form could not be submitted
7171 Improved text formulas on date fields to handle more formats
7425 UserChoice Approval Stage shows username twice prior to save
7045 A checkbox question with an "Other" value will show all of the checked items in the other input box when the sorting of the checkbox is changed
7269 Updated forum categories folder graphic
7361 Column width threw off layout of pdf export of form when using multiple sections
7108 Prevent top frame color changes on logo change with Simple Theme Editor
7121 Added back Number List Properties in CK Editor
7273 Fixed error when setting View Security on a link
7084 Add approval manager dialog was too tall with many managers available to be added
7151 Fixed mobile download links for default Android browser
My Profile  
7371 Allowed Profile Manager to add tags to Employees
7271 Increased search relevancy of short AppBuilder fields
7119 Prevent error in search when documents are archived
7152 Improved search index error handling
7442 Update search when title of Home Site changes
7347 Flash deprecated for cfchart format attribute
7485 Stats recording fails is user is not a key in session scope
7168 Stats will now record an application visit and category visit when a file is accessed directly
7351 Fixed Issue with Approval Screen for Training Calendar
7367 Fixed Registrants showing as blank in Manage Students screen.
7455 Allow advertising only for session dates (not courses)
7127 Wall post feeds cutoff text with set content height and did not match exactly wall spacing
7464 What's new widget-Employee Profile not remembering settings
7468 Page owner is unable to edit links in the menu link widget (but can add new)
7521 Wall post widget width issue
7260 Alert subscription email not going out for new items if approval on Company News item
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