Version 13.5 Patch 1

NOTE: Patch 1 Requires Lucee Version 

Version 13.5.0 released with Lucee version After applying Patch 1, please update Lucee to This can be done by follow these steps:

  1. Log into Lucee Server Administrator
    (Contact support for the default password if you have not changed it)
  2. Click "Update" under "Services" in the left side menu.
  3. Apply Patch

Patch 1 for Version 13.5 Highlights

  • fixed issue with wrong supervisor being shown in Read & Confirm User Log
  • restricted users who can be added as Policy Owners (people to remind) to only users who have edit permission on the document 
  • multiple improvements to AD Sync V2.0 to support over 10,000 users and groups
  • new Allow Only Approve / Decline option

New Feature: Allow Only Approve / Decline

During the approval workflow of new/updated documents, approval managers have 3 options by default, Approve, Deny, & Reject. Because Reject immediately ends the workflow process and deletes the document, there is a new option to restrict the Reject action to just Administrators.

When Allow Only Approve / Decline is enabled, approval managers will only see the Approve / Decline actions. If none of the approval managers are administrators, you can enable Admin Approval Override to allow an administrator to Reject the document.

7477 Fixed IE display issues
7491 Improved number of links updated when Web Location updated
7496 AD Employee Fields Save & Finish button no longer redirecting to the home page
7484 Fixed confirm password textbox wrapping to second link
7497 Improved number of links updated when Web Location updated
7430 Fixed tab control selection issue when navigating to design pages
7507 AD Sync V2.0: Fixed issue with admin permissions and photos
7513 AD Sync V2.0: Domain stored in DB now pulled from connection username, not domain name
7512 AD Sync V2.0: Fixed issue with more than 1000 AD Groups
7527 AD Sync V2.0: Added Office & Fax as targetable AD Fields
7498 Scheduled Task Failing on read & confirm reminders
7518 Read & Confirm dialog now respects theme
7517 Improved import of existing read receipts on upgrade
7529 AD Sync V2.0: Allow up to LDAP MaxPageSize instead of limiting to 1000 results
7466 updated subfolder icons
7465 Fixed HTML 5 table layout issue for older screens
7488 Fixed error previewing Appbuilder home page layout from admin
7487 Widened app right navbar to prevent wrapping
7480 Fixed issue with Save button not working in IE
7514 Fixed issue with wrong supervisor appearing on read & confirm log records
7372 restricted users who can be added as Policy Owners (people to remind) to only users who have edit permission on the document
7506 Fixed Advertising Options formatting
7504 Removed MFU from archives view
7528 new Allow Only Approve / Decline option
7537 Fixed issue with tabs for new screens
7538 Fixed issue with new settings when impersonating
7481 Fixed multiple formatting issues
7505 Fixed multiple formatting issues
7476 Made space around p tags the same between edit mode and published content
7473 One of the side menu includes were omitted when the advanced editor was moved between folders
7451 Icons updated
7503 Removed unintentional scroll bar on rounded box
Forms / Workflow  
7494 fixed form approval error
7490 Fixed spelling mistake
7495 Fixed issue where selected approval type button not getting unique formatting
7531 Fixed form approval error
7541 Fixed approval issue for Events Calendar
7474 Red notification circle now expands with numbers
7502 Fixed issue with Lucee Patch compatibility
7451 New icons
My Profile  
7486 Removed redundant content title
7479 Fixed issue with Image Slider widget controls showing through mega menu drop downs
7457 Populate R&C Reminder Widget in Edit Mode when Empty

In addition, Patch 1 also includes resolutions in Patch 7 for 13.0.

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