Version 13.0 Patch 8

Patch 8 for Version 13.0 Highlights

  • Patch 8 contains minor fixes with no major changes in functionality


7543 When birthday or anniversary year was set to be hidden in Employee Directory, editing these dates would populate with current year instead of hidden year.
7566 Fixed error when editing menu link with incorrect permissions
7541 Workflow approval error with forms with file uploads fixed.
7558 Don't show workflow approval notice on form when there is only a workflow notification stage.
7540 Appbuilder Employee Drop-down missing scroll bar; extends beyond box
7519 Fixed issue with Help dialog positioning issues.
7626 Fixed formatting issue with long URLs in home page and Employee Directory columns.
7629 Added check for double quotes when entering a tag, as it causes issues.
7575 Allowed for valid special characters in email addresses.
7500 Fixed issue with "0" character showing up in My Profile menu.
7525 Use re-named labels in Events Calendar app when emailing the details.
7552 Fixed issue with download links when form response exported as PDF
7542 Fixed issue with multiple triggers and hidden fields.
7539 Fixed issue where conditional operator drop-down was displayed twice instead of once.
7553 Allowed for "\" character in drop-down list.
7516 Cleaned up some system icons.
7499 Fixed issue where background color was overlapping of bottom of search results.
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