Version 13.5 Patch 2

NOTE: Lucee Version recommended

It is recommended to update Lucee to which contains a JSON security fix.

  1. Log into Lucee Server Administrator
    (Contact support for the default password if you have not changed it)
  2. Click "Update" under "Services" in the left side menu.
  3. Apply Patch

Patch Highlights

  • restored ability to move items between folders that was accidentally removed
  • resolved issue with scheduled task stalling
  • fixed issue where many duplicate groups where created during AD Sync 2.0 when group names are not unique
  • when Active Directory sync is disabled, groups imported from Active Directory can now be deleted

New Features

Target Top Domain for Active Directory Sync 2.0

For customers who stored their users only in containers in Active Directory, there a new option where you can target the entire domain instead of by OUs (Organization Units). While this option is now available, for performance reasons we highly recommend targeting users by the specific OUs whenever possible.

Option to Not Changes Email Addresses when Empty for Active Directory Sync 2.0

With Active Directory synchronization, syncing of the user's email address is a required field. However, in rare cases, some users may not have their email addresses stored in Active Directory, and need to be manually populated instead. A new option has been added to not change user's email address when corresponding field is empty in Active Directory.

This configuration can only be enabled by modifying the ADIGNOREEMAIL setting in AppSetting table, where if set to "1", AD Sync will enable this option.

7623 Security groups imported from Active Directory can now be deleted if AD Sync is disabled.
7617 Prevented duplicate groups from being created during Active Directory synchronization when group names are not unique.
7545 Fixed issue in Active Directory target configuration where not OU's would be displayed when child OU has been moved to a parent OU with a later creation date.
7616 Enforced selection of OU when creating an Active Directory target.
7574 New option to prevent Blank Email Addresses in AD from Override Existing Values. See description above.
7696 Added ability to select domain object when setting Active Directory Targets to accommodate for users who only store users in containers.
7501 Top highlight bar at the top of tabs now align properly.
7550 Prevented resetting of read and confirm # days before due date to 7 days when all reminders are turned off.
7565 Fixed issue with Read & Confirm tab not highlighting when Review Due not enabled.
7562 Fixed BFOLDEROWNER missing error.
7564 Centered Read & Confirm Button and text in FireFox.
7515 Restored Move Folder link in item edit that was accidentally removed.
7523 Fixed issue with Read & Confirm PDF preview when file versioning enabled, and first version of the file was not a PDF.
Fixed issue with Read & Confirm PDF preview when File Migration Utility has been run, and files are stored outside the web folders.
Restored field hint for Review Date field that was accidentally removed.
Fixed issue with application widgets showing below a document instead of on the right side when viewing an item.
7679 Fixed issue with inline New Folder action which was causing "Duplicate Entry" warning message to appear immediately after adding a folder.
7699 Icons in employee drop downs in Read & Confirm and Review On edit screens now link to employee profiles
7627 Improved sizing of Read & Confirm PDF preview popup dialog to prevent extra scroll bars. 
7715 Fixed issue where users with add but not update permissions were shown an error after adding a new item.
7719 Fixed error when adding a new item in a folder with workflow defined.
7741 Fixed issue with multiple file uploads where after upload, where either wrong file attached, or file could not be accessed. 
7547 Read & Confirm user notifications now removed when Read & Confirm is disabled on the document. 
7678 Fixed error when accessing Advanced Editor for site theme editing.
7682 Fixed issue where dialogs in simple design editor were no longer centered on the screen.
Made consistent the content padding of Site Search box across different screens.
7696 Top domain now available as sync target. See description above.
7737 Fixed issue with Employee Directory when Birthday or Anniversary fields were not included/editable.
7489 Fixed formatting of some buttons and text boxes when editing forms.
7688 Fixed issue where background in forms became transparent.
7560 Content area of page now properly aligns with application header text.
7571 Fixed issue with Scheduled Task stalling when calling AD Sync service.
7572 Removed access to edit widget pages for site owners of other sites (they could enter the page designer which is now prevented, but could not save changes).
7567 For IE formatting issues with some column widgets and rounded boxes.
Fixed issue with search result file links when File Migration Utility has been run, and file located outside of web folders. 
7694 Fixed issue where due to Lucee patch, TCP connections not released as quickly, causing search re-indexing to fail.
7389 Fixed issue where one item would have duplicate results in search.
7689 Fixed tabs and tab links in Stats.

In addition, Patch 1 also includes resolutions in Patch 8 for 13.0.

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