Manually Update / Patch Lucee

ISSUE:  You have just upgraded to version 13.5.1 (or higher) and you see an error doing normal activities on the intranet such as submitting a form response.


SYMPTOMS:  You have just upgraded and you may see an error such as this:


RESOLUTION:  Check the version of Lucee at the bottom of the Admin screen in the intranet.  It should read  If it does not, you can log into the server admin page and update Lucee.

  1. Go to http://YOURSERVERNAME/lucee/admin/server.cfm and log in (default password is 'connections')
  2. Click on 'update' under Services on the left menu
  3. You should see an update for
  4. Click 'Execute Update' near the bottom of the page to upgrade to the latest

B. If your server does not have internet access or you do not see the correct update available, you can download the latest stable patch for Lucee attached at the bottom of this article. (Choose

  1. Place the patch file downloaded in C:\lucee\lib\lucee-server\patches (default location)
  2. Restart the Lucee service on the web server.

The patch will automatically install and you should see the correct version at the bottom of the admin screen in the intranet.


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