Access Lucee Server Admin


Note: Do not use the shortcut to the Lucee Server Administrator from the start menu of your web server. This will point to a different Lucee Server Administrator page than the one used for your site.

To access the Lucee Server Administrator portal:

1) Navigate to your intranet site.

Make note of the URL in your browser's address bar. The URL should be in one of these formats:




In the first example, remove ‘index.cfm’. In the second example remove ‘intranet/index.cfm’.


2) Add 'lucee/admin/server.cfm;


3) Login via the splash screen:

The default password should be 'connections' unless this has been changed by someone on your end. To reset your Lucee Server passwords, please click here.


Note: You may see that there are 2 tabs. Your datasource (connection between your web server and SQL database), as well as Mail server information should be entered on the Web Administrator tab rather than the Server Administrator tab.

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