Version 13.5 Patch 3

Patch Highlights

Patch 3 adds two new features:

  • Employee Directory & Widget Location Filtering
  • AD Sync Version 2.0: Domain administrators can have intranet administrator rights revoked

In addition, users set as application owners can now see all items pending approval.

Employee Directory Location Filtering

The Employee Directory now allows filtering by the Location field.

  • This option is only available if the Location field is set to visible (Admin, Directory Tab, Manage Fields, where Original label is Location, Display is checked)
  • The drop down option presents all unique values entered for each employee
  • If there are older locations that are no longer valid, filter employees by the invalid location, and correct the location field on each employee record
  • If a location is missing, edit at least one employee and add the location


Birthday / Work Anniversary Widget: Department and Location Filtering

Both the Birthday and Anniversary Widgets now allow you to display upcoming birthdays / anniversaries only for employees in a specific department and/or location. 


  • The Location option is only available if Location field is set to visible (Admin, Directory Tab, Manage Fields, where Original label is Location, Display is checked)
  • When both a department and location are set, the widget will only display upcoming birthdays / anniversaries for employees who are both in the selected department and at the selected location.

AD Sync Version 2.0

Previous to Patch 3, Domain Administrators were always granted intranet administrator rights. There is now a new option called "Grant intranet administrator rights to domain administrators" which is on by default. If you don't what domain administrators to be granted intranet administrator rights you can now turn off this option.

  • Only available in AD Sync Version 2.0. If you don't see this option, you may still be on AD Sync Version 1.0.
  • Turning this option off does not automatically remove intranet administrator rights from previous synchronizations. You must manually remove these rights for each domain administrator, but after changing the setting, administrator rights will not automatically be re-assigned.

Other Changes

Active Directory  
7546 Set default employee field mappings when target is created to prevent targets with no field mappings
7734 Handled condition when no start for target set and then a group filter is applied.
7692 Grant intranet administrator rights to domain administrators is now optional
7780 Handled case where user name is duplicated in AD
7860 Fixed tab formatting issue in admin screens
7862 In Design, Intranet Toolbar corrected description for Logout
7800 Added back Save button when editing tags that was accidentally removed
7702 Removed obsolete Edit Item field formatting options.
7691 Import CSV now handles blank rows correctly
7816 Fixed preview error when setting Home Page to Content view and clicking Preview
7817 Fixed error when viewing blank appbuilder application for the first time.
7815 Removed disabled  users from Users to Remind selection options.
7871 Fixed issued that prevented comments from being added
7526 Fixed issue in updating item in search when app had a field deleted.
7789 Made consistent the application of custom blog design settings.
7822 Resolved confusion in instructions for blog members permissions as well as modernizing layout on that page.
7827 Fixed red alert notification circle formatting in Chrome
7756 Added filtering to the Employee Directory and Birthday/Anniversary widget
7810 Text no longer breaks mid-word when viewing an Employee Profile
7876 UI change to drop downs in calendar popup controls
7737 Fixed Employee Profile page when birthday or anniversary fields are excluded
7648 Fixed issue where SQL Query field used in workflow trigger is missing box to set condition when more than one SQL Query field added
7809 Download attachment from email output of form response issue corrected
7709 Enabled app owners to see pending items
7886 Fixed issue with internal menu links not allowing save with option  'open in new window'
7785 Restricted access to some .cfc calls to prevent unauthorized access
7818 Inclusion of missing file after upgrade, which sets proper timeout for search requests.
7877 Click blog post search result now goes to post instead of blog landing page.
7389 Resolved issue with duplicate results in search results.
7804 Fixed search links when user accessing intranet through a proxy server.
7798 Fixed "second level" tabs in Stats (Summary, etc)
7717 Fixed issue with full screen pie chart
7755 Fixed tracking tab in Support Desk search to highlight correctly
7797 What's New widget now has consistent padding for "view more" link
7853 Fixed issue with Quick Poll not refreshing after selecting an answer
7808 Anonymous Event Calendar posts now show up in Application Feed Widget
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