Cloning / Copying An Application

Applications can be cloned in situations where you need to have the same application on another page or site and would like to keep the same format for your application. Note that cloning / copying an application does not bring over the content.  It brings over the structure of the application

To clone your application, you will need to do the following:

Navigate to your Admin link and click on the Assets tab



Choose the site card the application you wish to clone reside in. In my example, I would like to clone an application from the Human Resources site.


***Please note: The online form application only resides on the homepage and cannot be cloned

Click on the App button


Hover over the application you wish to clone, click the icon with 2 pages



Type in a new name for your app and click on Create



 Only the settings will be cloned and new content will need to be added to the app.


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