Moving A Folder

In situations where documents are reorganized, you may need to re-arrange your folders. It can be done following these simple steps:


In your Documents App, click on Toolbox


Click on Manage Folder


Choose the folder you need to reorganize and click on [View Sub folders]. In my example I need to view Sub-Folders under Accounting.


Click on the sub-folder. In my example it is called Account Payable and click on [move]


Choose "top level folder" and click on the Move button

Moving a sub-folder into a new folder, means that the security settings for the sub-folder will now be the ones of the new folder it resides in. However, moving a sub-folder as a folder, will not change the security settings for that folder. In my example, Account Payable will keep the security settings it had when it was a sub-folder for the Accounting folder.

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