Check Out / Check In Feature

Check Out

Check Out / Check In lets you prevent other users from updating a file while you have it checked out for editing. This feature has the following prerequisites:

  1. Documents or AppBuilder application must have File Upload field added by administrator.
  2. Current item must have file versioning enabled.

To check out a file for editing:

  1. Edit the application.
  2. Next to file field, click Check Out button

Once an item has been checked out, other users can still enter the edit screen (to view all fields), but the Save and Check Out buttons will be disabled. (Prior to 13.5.4, if others clicked Save, Check Out would be assigned to last user to save the item).

To check the document back in, click the Check In link in the top right.

Both the checked out user and administrators can also choose to cancel the checkout.

Displaying Checked Out in List View

To make it obvious to other users that the current item is checked out, add the Last Modified By and File Version field to the List View of the application.

When Checked Out, the File Version field will display the version number and "Checked Out". The Modified By displays the user who last modified the item, which is the user who checked out the item.




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