Error: Simple Bind Failed

ISSUE:  You are using HTTPS and AD Synchronization is not running or you aren't able to synchronize new users, Scheduled task isn't running automatically, and you may see an error stating 'Simple Bind Failed'


SYMPTOMS:  AD Synchronization isn't running and pulling in new users; scheduled task isn't running automatically.  If you open the Application log from Admin > Errors & Logging, you see the following:

2016/03/03 14:05:05.585,,ERROR - AD Error:

Date: {ts '2016-03-03 14:05:05'}
Error Message: simple bind failed:


RESOLUTION:  You need to add your certificate to Railo/Lucee and the situation will be resolved.

You can use the Railo/Lucee Server Administrator to import the SSL certificate into Railo.

  1. Navigate to the Railo/Lucee Server Administrator by going to the following link:
    http://<server name>/railo-context/admin/server.cfm or http://<server name>/lucee/admin/server.cfm  (the default password is "connections")
  2. In the left menu, under Services, choose SSL Certificates
  3. Enter the host name of the site that you are trying to connect to. The default is  port 443 for the intranet site, and 636 for LDAPS.  Ensure you select the correct port or this will not work.
  4. Click "List".
  5. Verify the details are correct and click "Install"
  6. Reload the SSL Certificates screen (press F5 on your keyboard) to ensure it's listed
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