7/09/2024 - Lucee reports incorrect date/time as 1899-12-31. Please read article to fix this issue here.

3/27/2024 - Lucee Vulnerability - Admin Panels - Customers with public web-facing intranet impacted. Please read article for mitigation steps here.

8/31/2023 - Lucee Vulnerability - CVE-2023-38693 - ALL customers are impacted. Please read latest update for fix here.

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How Tos

Getting Started

Learn about IC Thrive software and features.

Admin Settings

Assign site settings, permissions, and design; and manage sites, apps, pages, and tags.

Intranet Architecture

Build and refine your site's navigation and pages.


How to use the pre-built functions of Source.


Boxes of content with a wide range of functionality and flexibility.


Visual storytelling with linked images and play-in-place video on any site home page.

Forms on the Intranet

Online forms and workflows for maximum efficiency and data handling.


Use calendars, create training sessions and manage registrations.

Documents & Policies

Store and manage documents and policies on your intranet.

Employee Information

Names, contacts and other key employee information.

Site Analytics

Use your site analytics to make your site work better for users.

Push Communications

Message employees through a channel of their choice and gain message insight.

Engage & Inspire

Best Practices

Best practices for all users of IC Thrive software.

Design Inspiration

See how other companies have used their software and get inspired!

Updates & Upgrades

Version Enhancements

What's new in our software updates.

Patch Release Notes

Issues resolved by patches and hot fixes.

Upgrade Instructions

Key technical information for performing updates safely and securely.

Push Communications Feature Releases

Features added to the Push Communications tool

Technical Admin

Intranet Settings

Settings such as search and file locations.

Advanced Configuration

More advanced settings which may be required at any time.


Identification and resolution of standard error messages.


Possible solutions for more commonly encountered intranet issues.

Disaster Recovery

Site down, backups and other disaster situations.

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